The Incredible Approach

We are a conscious startup studio, a startup that creates mission-driven startups

Building Happiness

We bring together our expertise in tech & media and our passion to make a change. We build companies focused on creating a positive impact on people’s lives.

We use technology to create tools, services and platforms which reduce people’s suffering, support conscious living and facilitate a fulfilled, meaningful and happy life.

Building Businesses

Working on good-cause ventures means that a big part of our success is measured by the positive impact we manage to create.

Yet we believe that in order to build companies that create a significant impact they need also to succeed financially, have a solid business model , revenues,  continuous growth and a clear path to self sustainability.

Our Process


We take ideas that can create a significant positive impact and turn them into innovative products. Some of the ideas are concept developed by us, others come from entrepreneurs we partner with.


We launch the product, bring it to its relevant audience and analyze the feedback and performance in order to validate as fast as possible market-fit and scalability potential.


Once validated we turn the product into a company and a sustainable business, we create a clear product road map and work on marketing, partnerships and sales.

What we provide


Vast experience in building innovative digital products including product management, design, UX, product development & technology.


Everything from building business strategy and financial planning to hands-on business development, marketing and sales.


With years of experience in developing digital strategies, taking companies’ big decisions and navigating projects around the bumps in the right direction.

Pre-Seed funding

We provide additional backing to our companies, giving them the needed help to succeed in their early stage.

What gets us excited

Happiness inside

Ideas that create a positive impact on people’s lives

Early stage

As early as an idea scribbled on a napkin

Scale potential

Businesses that can scale, grow and create a meaningful change

Incredible entrepreneurs

The type with an extraordinary passion & endless drive

Digital at heart

So we can bring our added-value in tech & media

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Our Portfolio


KIDOZ is the world’s fastest-growing SAFE content discovery and recommendation platform for kids, reaching over 50 million children worldwide.

LifeBiotic Medical Research is founded on world-class expertise with the mission to bridge the gap between nature and science in Oncology support.

All products are backed with solid scientific evidence and are manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

TCM Academy is the world  eLearning platform for Integrative Medicine. Providing courses from some of the finest teachers, in order to provide a deep understanding of healing practice with the aim to benefit humanity.

The Conscious Network.

Allowing like-minded people to exchange knowledge, experience and inspiration.

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